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Our clients come first. It’s as simple as that.  We are starting a long term relationship where we help you at every step of the way. 


My Story

Hi, I am Steve. I am the unique-food-loving, clay-pigeon-shooting, big-hearted, golfing Director of Phoenix Insurance.

Christchurch is my home, and I love it. But I also have the travel bug, and a passion to experience different cultures, places and to taste local foods – from cod and mushie peas on Brighton Pier, to Escargot in Paris. I enjoy getting out on my motorbike to meet new and varied people, and experience all that life has to offer.

I have seen so many people in a sticky situation when the unexpected happens. You never know what is going to happen, so it is best to be prepared. My mission is to make sure that every one of my clients has a protection plan in place that actually works come claim time.

Taking The Worry Away

You can trust that I have the experience to help, as I have worked as a Registered Financial Adviser for a number of years. I have always wanted to help people, and how better to do it than with insurance. You don’t often plan for a loss in income, a family illness or a trauma. But they can happen without warning.

With the right insurance, the worry is gone. No need to panic about coming up with funds to pay the mortgage, medical bills, or anything else. I will work with you to devise a protection plan that suits your situation.

Risk Insurance - How I Can Help

Risk insurance can be a minefield, but I will help you with advice every step of the way. I will start by providing you with options from the best providers, lock in the right cover, and guide you through the claims process should the unexpected occur.

Being there for people when times are tough, and knowing that we have put a plan in place to help protect them is why I do what I do.

What would happen if crisis struck your family tomorrow? Would you be prepared?

I can hear you groaning because I said the ‘I’ word. I know the thought of insurance is not very exciting. But it is vital. I can help you take the stress out of a crisis with the right insurance cover.

Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product, so let me help you tailor your cover to your personal situation.

I would love to help you get the right protection plan in place. Get in touch with me for an obligation-free chat today.


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