Health Insurance


We make sure you have choices when it comes to your health.


Health Insurance gives you fast access to the medical care you and your family deserve, and a range of medication and treatments not subsidised by the government.

Do I need health insurance? 
Most people in New Zealand will have at least one experience with hospitals, and when that happens you want to have all the choices available to you to get the best care. This is what health insurance allows you to do and not only that but the cost of having certain treatments can be extreme. 

Public health system
Our public health system provides a reasonable level of emergency care and treatment for serious medical conditions. However, waiting times for non-urgent medical conditions can often be lengthy, which can have a significant impact on health and the ability to earn an income.

How I can help
Risk insurance can be a minefield, but I will help you with advice every step of the way. I will start by providing you with options from the best providers, lock in the right cover, and guide you through the claims process should the unexpected occur.

Being there for people when times are tough, and knowing that we have put a plan in place to help protect them is why I do what I do.


We will advocate and fight
for you at claim time

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