Business Insurance


Our business is helping you to protect yours. We can develop a protection plan that is right for your business.


How would the business manage if a key member of your team – or you – were unable to work or worse still passed away? What plans do you have in place to keep your business running?  

Debt Protection
If a business owner suffers a severe disability or dies prematurely, the proceeds from a claim can provide you with the cash to repay all or a significant part of the debt.

Shareholder Protection
If a business partner dies or suffers serious disablement, insurance can provide the funds for the remaining business partners to buy the shares from their partner or their estate.

Key Person Protection
Who are the key people in your business? How do you value their contribution to the business? If they could not longer work in the business, what would be the impact on your cash flow?

The right ownership structure is extremely important to have a policy that works for your business at claim time. Having someone to inform you of the options that will work for you and your business is invaluable. 

How I can help
Risk insurance can be a minefield, but I will help you with advice every step of the way. I will start by providing you with options from the best providers, lock in the right cover, and guide you through the claims process should the unexpected occur.

Being there for people when times are tough, and knowing that we have put a plan in place to help protect them is why I do what I do.


We will advocate and fight
for you at claim time

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